Aloha and welcome to the Living Memories of Maui website! Each lava plant is unique in many ways, but especially in the size, shape, and color of the volcanic rock that it is growing on. So if you are checking out this website while you are here on Maui, this is why I suggest coming down to one of the two Maui locations in person to hand select the plants of your choice. Along with a wide variety of different types of Lava Rock plants, you will find a variety of potted Plumeria’s, including the unique Evergreen Plumeria. If you want to have the plant of your choice shipped home, it will be set aside so that you receive the same one you saw in person. These plants come in a export certified bag for travel and are airport ready to leave Hawaii!  They are approved for travel within the United States of America. I have had many people take plants internationally, but I recommend seeking more information from your government regarding bringing home a plant from Hawaii, or at least to declare it with customs if you decide to take one with you. There are about 50 different plants that I offer for you to take home from Maui, and if you’re already home, you can view pictures and prices on the Shopping pages, and call in your order with me over the phone.


Talk to you soon!


I purchased an anthurium last year and it is still blooming — I just love it, it brightens up my kitchen window. I had it shipped to me and it arrived in perfect shape! Wonderful plants — highly recommend! — Olympia, WA